Materials for High Temperature (High Pressure) Furnaces

Product Features

  • Graphene Flower BL and Graphene Flower SP have heat resistance and environmental resistance at more than 3000℃ in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. They are suitable for heat treatment furnaces, firing furnaces, sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, other high-temperature furnaces and also as wall materials, furnace materials, heat soaking materials, heat insulating materials of autoclaves.
  • Compared to conventional graphite materials, these possess anisotropic thermal conductivity and it is possible to control heat flow, 1000 W/m K in the in-plane and 10 W/m K in the thickness direction. It possible to design equipment with higher heating efficiency and heat insulation efficiency than before.

General Properties of Graphite

Graphite can be used in high temperature environment. Graphite has high thermal conductivity and excellent heat resistance, and can withstand chemical reactions and thermal stresses at high temperatures. Therefore, graphite is widely used in many industries in high temperature and high pressure environments, such as heat exchangers and furnaces, thermoelectric power plants and nuclear power plants. Graphite is also stable under high pressure. Graphite is therefore also used as a part of diamond anvil cells, which are uses to form by compression other materials such as diamond and quartz. Graphite is also used as a material in research cells to study the properties of materials under high pressure. It is used by researchers to investigate changes in the structure and physical properties of materials under high pressure.

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