Graphene Flower Cloth
Graphene flower cloth is a three-dimensional composite material with densely formed Graphene on the surface of the carbon fiber.

Product description

Graphene is a material of great properties but is extremely thin with an important Van der Waals force which facilitate aggregation or mutual adhesion. For that reason when Graphene was processed for electrodes, maintaining the shape was challenging and making Graphene’s functionality last permanently was an issue. Our Graphene Flower Cloth is a brand new composite material in which Graphene is formed independently and three-dimensionally on the surface of carbon fibers. This carbon fiber can be processed into non-woven fabric or woven fabric. Graphene properties can be expressed permanently when applied to electrode members.
All the surface of the carbon fibers is covered by independently formed Graphene; this carbon fiber covered with Graphene can be used for woven or non-woven fabric structure of electrodes. A countless number of Graphene edges are distributed on the whole surface of the substrate.


  1. Graphene is grown homogeneously on carbon fiber surface.
  2. 3D structure with vertically-oriented graphene edges on carbon fiber.
  3. Can be formed from various carbon fiber materials such as woven-cloth,non-woven cloth.
  4. Graphene layers are rigidly fixed on carbon fiber surface leading to effective graphene functions.
  5. Best used as field emission electrode, bio-fuel cell electrode, super capacitor electrode, catalyst for chemical reaction and base materials.

Specification of products