Graphene Flower dispersion liquid

Brief description of the products

GRAPHENE FLOWER is a graphene directly synthesized based on InALA process (high rate CVD method) as the original process of our company, using a bottom-up system
Compared with graphite, graphene has large van der Waals force. Therefore, its particles are likely to cohere and adhere with each other, and tend to return to graphite. Accordingly, it should be avoided to crush and classify under dry condition while keeping the condition of graphene.
Figure: Appearance of GRAPHENE FLOWER immediately after synthesis (left) and after the particles have adhered with each other (right)
In InALA process of our company, graphene is prepared independently while preventing the pieces from adhering with each other. Successively, a piece of graphene is crushed in a solvent while preventing the particles from adhering with each other, and each piece of graphene is dispersed in a solvent. The product made by dispersing each piece of graphene in the solvent is the GRAPHENE FLOWER dispersion liquid.

Left figure:
Graphene in a dispersion liquid is trapped on a filter (micro grid). The part surrounded with a red circle is graphene.
Right figure:
The transmission electron microscope (TEM) photograph of the edge of the graphene shown in the left figure. It can be judged from the lattice image of graphene that it has seven layers of laminations and thickness of 2.1 nm

Advantages as graphene

Control of the dimension of graphene is possible!
Since Graphene Flower is the directly synthesized graphene based on bottom-up system, it is possible to control the dimension and thickness of the graphene by controlling reaction conditions. When graphene is likened to cherry blossoms, the growth degree of flowers from just beginning to open to reaching full bloom can be realized by controlling the parameters such as reaction time and temperature.

Features of the product

  1. This is a carbon dispersion liquid made of several layers of graphene as a main component, which was synthesized using InALA process without substrate and without catalyst.
  2. It is possible to control the dimension and thickness of graphene.
  3. Graphene has high crystallinity and high chemical purity.
  4. Graphene is not graphite oxide, nor graphene oxide.
  5. It is possible to supply a highly concentrated dispersion liquid using a proper solvent according to the application.
This is an example of the specifications of Graphene Flower.
Specification Example Method
Carbon purity 99.9 ICP-MS
Solvent type water + Surfactant
IPA , 2-Methoxyethanol
PGMEA (1- Methoxy-2-propyl acetate),
Concentration(mg/ml) 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 Gravimetric method
Graphene Dimension(μm) 0.1~10, 10< FE-SEM, FE-TEM
Graphene Thickness(nm) 1~3, 5 < Raman, FE-TEM
An example of specifications for Graphene Flower dispersion liquid
Specifications for Graphene Flower dispersion liquid: Please refer to the price in this page.

Product application

  1. Transparent elecroconductive film, Film, Electroconductive film, Film
  2. High heat dissipation sheet, Heat dissipation material
  3. Electroconductive auxiliary for various cell electrodes for lithium ion cell, fuel cell, etc.
  4. Pt catalyst substitute for metal air cell and fuel cell
  5. High strength, high electroconductivity, high thermal conductivity additives for various high performance materials