By molding Graphene Flower, which is usually in powder or clumpy form, it is now possible to provide a porous plate material in which the Graphene Flower are connected or interlocked.

Description of Product

Graphene is a material with excellent properties but is extremely thin and tends to aggregate due to van der Waals forces. For that reason, when processing graphene for electrodes, maintaining the shape was challenging and making graphene’s functionality last permanently was an issue.
Our Graphene Flower® Plate is a new composite material in which graphene is independently formed three-dimensionally on a porous carbon plate. Graphene’s excellent properties can be permanently expressed when applied to electrode parts.
Both the surface and interior of the porous material are covered with independently formed graphene. This porous material with densely formed graphene can be used for various battery electrodes. An infinite number of graphene edges are distributed across the surface of the base material.


Square type

Coin type


  1. Uniformly-formed graphene on the surface and interior of the carbon porous material
  2. Three-dimensional structure with vertically oriented graphene edges
  3. Avoid graphene agglomeration and achieve permanent graphene functionality
  4. Suitable for graphene-utilizing electrodes, equipment, and base material, such as field emission and catalytic functions


  1. Field emission electrode and base material
  2. Catalyst for chemical reaction
  3. Various battery electrode, electrochemical electrode, bio-fuel cell electrode

Specification (an example)

【Porous carbon material after coating with graphene(SEM)】

・The graphene on the surface of the carbon porous material can permanently express the graphene structure and functionality without agglomeration or mutual adhesion.