Graphene Tube dispersion liquid
This product was synthesized without substrate using InALA process.
This is the nanocarbon with new structure made by forming the tubes of graphene flower. Although this material has thick diameter, the number of graphene lamination is a few, resulting in thin thickness similar to Graphene Flower. Thus, it has soft string-like shape with tightly cohering inside (due to van der Waals force).

Features of Graphene Tube (registered trade mark)

  1. This is a carbon nanotube with rather thick diameter, but thin wall thickness
    (outer diameter: 30-100 nm, wall thickness: 1-2 nm).
    This material evades the bundling problem of monolayer CNT (as well as few-layer CNT).
  2. It has the structure, in which the inner walls of the tube closely adhered with each other, forming a flat needle shape.
    Due to a few layers of lamination, close adhesion is possible thanks to van der Waals force.
    Needle shape that causes health problem can be avoided
  3. Inner space is large surrounded with a few layers of graphene.
    It is possible to enlarge the inner space while dipping in a solvent.
    It can been effectively utilized for DDS (drug delivery system) substrate, chemical reaction field, and doping.
  4. High crystallinity
    Excellent in electroconductivity and thermal conductivity (equivalent to few-layer graphene).
  5. High purity
    Over 99%

Dimension of Graphene Tube (registered trade mark)

It has the shape of string (flat noodle) with thin thickness.

Figure: SEM of Graphene Tube separated on a micro-grid (left: low magnification, right: high magnification)
Broad width but thin wall thickness!

Diameter and thickness of Graphene Tube (an example of TEM observation)

Figure: TEM for the edge of Graphene Tube

Crystallinity of Graphene Tube

Crystallinity is excellent.

Figure: Raman spectrum of Graphene Tube

Commercial form of Graphene Tube

We supply it in the form of dispersion liquid for use in research and development.
Specification Unit Value Method
Carbon purity 99   EDS
Solvent type ・IPA・PGMEA
Concentration mg/ml 0.1~20 Gravimetric method
Tube Length μm ‹10 SEM、TEM
Tube Width nm 30~100 TEM
Tube Thickness nm 1~3 Raman
Volume ml 100
An example of specifications for Graphene Tube dispersion liquid
Specifications for Graphene Tube dispersion liquid: Please refer to the price in this page.

Applications of Graphene Tube dispersion liquid

Examples of various applications
  1. Additive for conductive path formation for transparent electroconductive film (ITO replacement) (wet coating)
  2. Additive for lithium cell, capacitor, fuel cell, etc. (electroconductivity, high specific surface area)
  3. Substrate for drug delivery system (DDS)
  4. Substrate for chemical reaction or biochemical reaction by utilizing wide inner space

Figure: Network via Graphene Tube (conductive path)